Mid size cyclone with inlet on the right


This is my newly designed cyclone designed for smaller dust collectors in the 500 to 1100 cfm range. It will, however, work fine with larger dust collectors by just using one of the 4 inch inlets on these dust collectors.  On some larger dust collectors there are two 4 inch inlets and on some there are three 4 inch inlets. The top discharge on this unit is a 4 inch female tube. I include a plastic adaptor that slips in the top so you can easily connect a 4 inch flex hose if you are going directly to a dust collector. One of the most popular setups, however, is to put a small fan motor directly into the top of the cyclone. This is a zero clearance fit and requires no clamps or other fasteners. I should note that you should build some sort of support for the fan motors so the unit will not tip over. I do not show any support for purposes of display only. The dimensions for this unit are 34 inches tall, 12 inches in diameter, 4 inch inlet on side, 4 inch discharge on top and 3 3/4 inch discharge on bottom with flange and 5 mounting holes in flange. If you order from this page your cyclone will have the inlet on the right hand side.