6 inch inlet large cyclone with inlet on the left


These cyclones are approx. 41 inches tall, 18 inches in diameter, 6 inch inlet on side, 7 inch discharge on top and a 6 inch discharge on bottom with a flange and 8 holes for mounting. With the 6 inch inlet this unit will give you a capacity for moving a large volume of material. If you would like to build a cyclone tower with your dust collector fan motor you should make sure that the incoming air flow of your cyclone is going in the same direction as your fan motor. The following are a few examples of dust collector fan motors that you would use with this left hand inlet cyclone if  you are building a tower: Jet DC-1100, Jet DC-1200, Jet DC-1900, Powermatic P1300, Powermatic PM1900, General 10-105, Craftsman 1 1/2hp, Delta 50-850 and Bridgewood BW-105H. If you are just using the cyclone with a dust collector connected with a flex hose, and not close, it doesn't matter which side the inlet on the cyclone is located. If you order your cyclone from this page you will receive a cyclone with the inlet on the right hand side.